about syd locklear’s writing…


Syd Locklear’s wife took him at gunpoint to a field where she intended to shoot him in the face after learning their relationship began as part of a clandestine intelligence operation. After much begging, she spared his life so he could write a tell all book in which she would be lauded as a national hero. She still divorced him and both live a delicate paradox of plausible deniability. The Honey Trap Operations is forthcoming.

Strangely, Syd Locklear may not even really be Syd Locklear. The original Syd got lost in the woods in his teen years. The person who came out of the woods currently claims his life and you can’t prove it’s not his.

Beyond Earth, Syd has published numerous best selling science fiction and horror novels. Several were bestsellers in the Andromeda Galaxy and were developed into blockbuster movies and artsy indie films. Because Earth is not a signatory member to Intergalactic Intellectual Property treaties, the novels are not available on Earth. [They’re not written in Earth languages anyway.]

Contrary to popular rumors and nasty gossip, Syd is not employed by the FBI or NSA. However, he does not deny the possibility of an incident in the Georgia Tech computer lab in 1984 that resulting in his “recruitment” into the National Clandestine Service.

Who the heck would name secret military projects “Star Wars” then place them in networks where 18-year-old nerds lurk around looking for games? The whole thing wreaked of entrapment. (-Syd Locklear)

If it happened, Syd blames his career in intelligence on Ronald Reagan’s unauthorized misuse of George Lucas’ “Star Wars” branding. Syd may or may not have served as a Technical Support Officer in Charlie Wilson War I. If he did, then  Syd was “Afghanistan when Afghanistan wasn’t cool”. These days his tradecraft skills (if any exist) are used primarily in staging elaborate, epic practical jokes. His case officer experience (if any) is now devoted to writing non-government fictions as opposed to government fictions. His work ranges from short stories, screenplays, essays, opinion pieces and ambush journalism. He still enjoys writing horror and science fiction, just not for the government.

Syd’s mother was the original Star Trek fan, watching the show on a black and white TV set with rabbit ears that barely received the Atlanta broadcast. Syd was left in the room, fully exposed to fuzzy images of black and white Kirk and Spock trekking through the galaxy. Which explains a lot. His horror stories have a peculiar way of turning into science fiction.

Syd’s love and research in physics is extensive. He announced his solution to the biggest mystery in physics in 2009. While he would love to share his Theory of Everything which reconcile Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity and answers the biggest gaps in our understanding of the cosmos, he declined to publish the findings after considering Albert Einstein’s regrets.

Einstein said he would have become a cobbler rather than a physicist had he foreseen atomic bombs made from his discovery. If they made nuclear bombs out of  E = mc², imagine what type of zero point vacuum energy weapons they would make out of [equation deleted for national security purposes].

The scientific community and DARPA expressed regret over Syd’s decision to remain silent, but it’s for the best. For the record, he still interested in becoming a cobbler.

Syd also served as a pastor, revival preacher, worship leader, and crash test dummy in the United Methodist Church. He has also been a visiting refugee in various other Christian denominations. Sometimes they let him play drums, but not guitar since the infamous “What if Van Halen was a worship band” incident of 2004. He thanks Jesus for saving his skin on numerous occasions and has no desire to repeat the experiences as a pastor. Because “People are just plain old mean.” But he probably will.

Syd travels of time and space. He revisits the past and future often, mostly in cinema and literature but occasionally in person. He tried to fix the world’s problems with time travel, but the mess gets worse with each attempt, so he no longer meddles with time except in the Present. He is well traveled through the Local Galactic Cluster, but being somewhat of a homebody has not ventured to sight-see the distant cosmic horizons. It’s on his bucket list.

Syd enjoys writing screenplays, novels, and short stories more than biographies. If you read this far into the bio… well, buy a book if it’s out. You’ll enjoy it far more, and you’ll hold a special place in Syd’s eternally grateful heart.

Seriously, Syd thanks you for hanging out here on the website, too. He hopes you will return frequently, and join the community of readers, writers, and story lovers. Making new friends before he dies is always at the top of Syd’s bucket list.